LGBT Foundation mockup | Silverchip


Helping LGBT Foundation communicate with their audiences

LGBT Foundation tasked us with helping to communicate with their diverse range of audiences while providing support and educational resources and materials to amplify their voice.
35% increase in engagement
420,000+ visits per year
Partner since 2017


We were tasked with creating a digital platform to assist the LGBT Foundation with helping them communicating with their diverse audience, providing educational resources and enabling people to share their voice.


We created an engaging website that helped LGBT foundation talk about all their services helping support LGBT people to increase their skills, knowledge and self-confidence to improve and maintain their health and wellbeing. We also work in partnership with others to build strong, cohesive and influential LGBT communities.


  • Data Comparison and Cleansing Tool
  • Centralised Community Platform
  • Participation Data Capture App
  • A Suite of 3rd Party Systems Integrations
  • Created an Owned Public API Platform
  • Customisable CMS Web Platform
  • Data Migrations
  • Featured a Variety of Technical Features