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Welcoming our new Head of Marketing – Olivia Simpson!

We are delighted to announce that Olivia Simpson has joined the Silverchip team as our new Head of Marketing. Our marketing team is newly set up to help us take the next step on our evolving journey to continue to grow our brand and showcase the fantastic products and services we offer.

We sat down with Olivia and asked her some of the important questions:

What made you choose to take the role at Silverchip?

I am really interested in technology and how much humans and businesses depend on it in the modern age. I saw this opportunity as a way for me to combine the profession I love, with my passion for tech at a really awesome agency.


What's your guilty pleasure when it comes to music?

My taste in music is very varied! From the 60’s oldies to the classic rock songs of the 80’s right on through to my current favourite artist – The Weeknd.

But my number one guilty pleasure has to be Wham!


Should we play Christmas songs in November?

I mean we can but don’t be offended if I have my earphones in until December 1st! ;)


Where is your favourite place in the world?

Has to be Manchester - there’s no place like home.


Who would you invite to dinner (3 people, dead or alive)?

Stephen Fry, Robin Williams and Ru Paul.