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Silverchip Partner With The Prince's Trust

We are delighted to have partnered with The Prince's Trust to deliver a new course for young people to provide an introduction to programming!


This is part of our continued commitment to providing routes into the software development world for as many people as possible. We still have serious skills shortages in the technology sectors and programs like this will be essential in driving a new wave of skills into the sector.

Please see below for more details!

Are you aged 16-30, living in Greater Manchester and eager to try something new? Are you interested in programming? Do you want to explore careers in app design, coding and development? We’re partnering with Silverchip, a specialist software and app development agency, to deliver an exciting, hands-on week to help you Get Started with Programming. 

Over the course of 5 days, you will:

- Learn about the exciting careers open to you in the sector

- Gain confidence, meet new people and learn new skills

- By the end of the week, have created a created a mini-game

Monday 28 September 2020 – 2 October 2020 – Virtually. 10am-3pm

To sign up and learn more, please contact Cherie on Cherie.bosama@princes-trust.org.uk or text “Programming” to 07870 483381"