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Nick Barnard Joins Our Development Team!

We are delighted to announce that Nick Barnard has joined our Development team. Our Development team is ever evolving, and we are thrilled to have Nick be part of it. We sat down and asked him some of the important questions:

What made you choose to take the role at Silverchip?

I’ve always had a burning ambition to work as close as possible to Rudy’s Pizza. I also want to write top-quality bespoke software with the best bunch of people around.

What's your guilty pleasure when it comes to music?

I love listening to epic film score music. It makes even menial tasks feel exciting and important!

Should we play Christmas songs in November?

I only play Christmas songs on Christmas day, but... you do you.

Where is your favourite place in the world?

I love mountains, so maybe the Alps? Somewhere along the Austrian/German border.

Who would you invite to dinner (3 people, dead or alive)?

Maya Rudolph (Comedian)
Richard Feynman (Physicist)
Derren Brown (Magician)