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Wonderlust | New Era of iPhone's and Apple Watches

Tuesday 12 September 2023 marked the start of a new generation of Apple products as they revealed the all-new technologies that are set to be released. From the long-awaited USB-C ports to exciting updates to the watch line, the Apple event left us all buzzing with new possibilities.

Whether you're a die-hard Apple user or simply curious about the latest tech, join us as we explore the newest releases from Apple's annual event, and how technology is moving forward as a whole.

Wonderlust | New Era of iPhone's and Apple Watches | Silverchip

iPhone 15 Pro

Wonderlust | New Era of iPhone's and Apple Watches | Silverchip

Image credit - https://www.apple.com/uk/newsroom/2023/09/apple-unveils-iphone-15-pro-and-iphone-15-pro-max/  

The biggest focal point of the event had to be this year’s version of the iPhone Pro. let’s jump into it’s newest features:


The iPhone 15 Pro has an aerospace-grade titanium construction, employing the same alloy that spacecraft use on their Mars missions. With one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios among metals, these are the lightest Pro models to date. You'll noticeably feel the difference when you hold one in your hands.


The new cameras feature dramatic framing flexibility as well as next-generation portraits. With multiple focal lengths, you can enjoy the convenience of having seven pro lenses in your pocket, wherever you go.

The advanced 48MP Main camera captures super-high-resolution photos with a new level of detail and colour, resulting in striking portraits. What's more, you no longer need to switch to Portrait mode, as the iPhone automatically captures depth information for subjects such as people, dogs, or cats. You can choose to view your photo instantly as a portrait with an artful blur effect, or later in the Photos app.

For the iPhone 15 Pro Max, there’s now a 5x Telephoto camera with the longest optical zoom of any iPhone to fit in the compact Pro camera system. This allows for sharper close-ups from further away, enabling you to capture stunning photos even from far away.

Action Button

The new button is one of the main changes to the hardware of the phone; now, you’re able to customise what you would like the action button to do. To use the button, all you need to do is select the feature you desire, press and hold the button to launch it quickly. You can customise the button for the following options:
  • Silent mode
  • Focus
  • Camera
  • Torch
  • Voice Memo
  • Translate
  • Magnifier
  • Shortcut


The long-awaited changeover to USB-C ports has finally arrived. The new feature enables users to charge both their MacBook and iPhone with a single cable. The move to USB-C was confirmed by Apple last year as a response to the European Union’s upcoming regulations. With this shift, the iPhone 15 becomes the first ever iPhone to adopt the USB-C technology.


As with most iPhone updates, the battery life has further been improved. The iPhone 15 Pro Max now has up to 29 hours of video playback. As for the iPhone 15 Pro, you can get up to 23 hours of video playback time.

These upgrades mean the iPhone 15 Pro Max has up to 9 more hours of video playback than the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The iPhone 15 Pro also has up to 6 more hours of video playback than iPhone 12 Pro. Worrying about battery life is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

iPhone 15

Wonderlust | New Era of iPhone's and Apple Watches | Silverchip

Image credit - https://www.apple.com/newsroom/2023/09/apple-debuts-iphone-15-and-iphone-15-plus/  

As usual, the standard model of the new iPhone has a lot of the same features as the Pro model.  The iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus are more affordable, lighter, and available in vibrant colours. On the other hand, the Pro model includes more enhanced camera features, more power, and a higher price tag.


New colours

The iPhone 15 has a revolutionary new design, with back glass that has a range of brand-new infused colours throughout the material. The glass is treated with a custom dual ion exchange process, while the phone is encased in aerospace-grade aluminium, ensuring durability for everyday use.


Although the camera isn’t as technical as the Pro models, it does hold up to 4x resolution to capture incredible detail and a 2x Telephoto lens that’s like having a third camera.


As we mentioned earlier, the battery life has further been improved. The iPhone 15 Plus now has up to 26 hours of video playback. As for the iPhone 15, you can get up to 20 hours of video playback time.


Apple Watch Series 9

Wonderlust | New Era of iPhone's and Apple Watches | Silverchip

Image credit - https://www.apple.com/newsroom/2023/09/apple-introduces-the-advanced-new-apple-watch-series-9/  


Double tap gesture

While the Series 8 watches have the Double Tap function in their accessibility settings, the S9 chip takes it to the next level with a whole new range of capabilities. Pinching your fingers together now triggers the primary button in an app. This means you can use it to stop a timer, play or pause music, and even snooze an alarm.

That's not all – the Double Tap option allows you to take or end calls and snap pictures using the Camera Remote function. Open Smart Stack from the watch face and browse through widgets with a simple finger pinch.

New colours and sizes

The Apple Watch Series 9 has the same look and style as the Series 8, with the exception of a new pink version. The casing comes in four different colours: starlight, midnight, silver, and RED, as well as the new pink aluminium case, and is available in 41mm and 45mm sizes. However, the stainless steel model in the same sizes is now only available in a GPS+Cellular version and comes in gold, silver, and graphite cases.

Improved display

With Series 9, the cutting-edge display system now offers a maximum brightness of up to 2,000 nits – twice as much as Series 8. This feature ensures effortless readability even in full sunlight. Additionally, the system is optimized for low-light settings such as cinemas, with the ability to dim down to just 1 nit.


Apple Watch Ultra 2

Wonderlust | New Era of iPhone's and Apple Watches | Silverchip

Image credit - https://www.apple.com/newsroom/2023/09/apple-unveils-apple-watch-ultra-2/  

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 stays true to its predecessor's design, with no major changes in appearance. The Ultra marked the first significant deviation from the original Apple Watch design since the Series 1 premiered in 2015.

Improved display

With new screen architecture, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 achieves a brightness of 3,000 nits – 50% brighter than its predecessor, and apparently the brightest display Apple has ever created.

Better battery life

With the Apple Watch Ultra 2, you can take on almost anything and not have to worry if your watch is going to die. The Ultra 2 battery has up to 36hrs of normal use and up to 72hrs
of normal use with low power settings enabled. It even has up to 17hrs of workout use in Low Power Mode.


Similar to the Apple Watch Series 9, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 is equipped with a new S9 processor chip, as well as the second-generation U2 chip, which allows Precision Finding for the iPhone 15 family of devices.

But that's not all. The Apple Watch Ultra 2 also features a new 4-core Neural Engine that processes machine learning tasks up to twice as fast as the original Apple Watch Ultra. This makes switching between multiple apps or installing new ones a breeze. With its enhanced speed and responsiveness, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 is a powerful addition to the series.